Instance: sg3dl144000, Dataset: BMZ

Ising Spinglass instances generated by Samuel Burer, Renato D. C. Monteiro, and Yin Zhang (2002).
More precisely: 20 regular cubic lattices having randomly generated interaction magnitudes, ten with base length 10 (1000 nodes), and ten with base length 14 (2744 nodes). Like the problems considered by Hartmann (1997), the weights are from {-1, 0, 1} such that the total weight sum is zero. Notice that here, due to the format specifications, the zero-weight edges are not included.

Download links: .mc version, .bq version
Instance sg3dl144000
|V| 2744
|E| 8232
dim(Q) 2744
nz(Q>) 8232
nz(Diag(Q)) 1857
OSV n/a
Eigenvalues (min, max) -8.15166, 8.35945
Known correspondences -

Instance Visualisation

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Edge Weight Plot

A plot showing the frequency of edge weights, for a high-level overview of the edge weight distributions (click to enlarge).

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