Instance: bqp250-9, Dataset: B

Sparse unconstrained BQP instances (density 10%) generated by John E. Beasley as part of the OR Library (1990) where they can be retrieved with weights assuming a maximization objective.
There are ten instances bqpn-i with dimension n=50,100,250,500. These instances are also part of the Biq Mac Library (2007).

Download links: .mc version, .bq version
Instance bqp250-9
|V| 251
|E| 3395
dim(Q) 250
nz(Q>) 3145
nz(Diag(Q)) 22
OSV -48916
Eigenvalues (min, max) -13693.2, 1612.86
Known correspondences -

Instance Visualisation

A visualisation of the instance, created with OGDF (click to enlarge).

Edge Weight Plot

A plot showing the frequency of edge weights, for a high-level overview of the edge weight distributions (click to enlarge).

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