Instance: be200.3.4, Dataset: BE

Unconstrained BQP instances generated by Alain Billionnet and Sourour Elloumi (2007) using the generator proposed by P. M. Pardalos and G. P. Rodgers (1990). The precise calls to the generator can be obtained from here.
  • be100.i Ten instances with dimension n=100 and density 1.
  • ben.3.i Ten instances with dimension n=120,150,200 and density 0.3.
  • ben.8.i Ten instances with dimension n=120,150,200 and density 0.8.
  • be250.i Ten instances with dimension n=250 and density 0.1.
These instances are also part of the Biq Mac Library (2007), and part of the OR Library (1990) where they can be retrieved with weights assuming a maximization objective.

Download links: .mc version, .bq version
Instance |V| |E| dim(Q) nz(Q>) nz(Diag(Q)) OSV
be200.3.4 201 6077 200 5877 200 -27434

Instance Visualisation

A visualisation of the instance, created with OGDF (click to enlarge).

Edge Weight Plot

A plot showing the frequency of edge weights, for a high-level overview of the edge weight distributions (click to enlarge).

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