Instance: G_49, Dataset: HR

MaxCut instances generated by Christoph Helmberg and Franz Rendl (2000) using the machine independent graph generator ``rudy'' written by G. Rinaldi. The precise calls to ``rudy'' can be obtained from the original article.
The first 21 graphs have 800 nodes. More precisely:
  • Graphs G1 to G5 are random graphs with unit weights and a density of 6%.
  • G6 to G10 are the same graphs with random edge weights from {-1, 1}.
  • G11 to G13 are toroidal grids with random edge weights from {-1, 1}.
  • G14 to G17 are composed from the union of two (almost maximal) planar graphs with unit weights.
  • G18 to G21 are the same graphs with random edge weights from {-1, 1}.
The next 21 graphs, G22 to G42, have the analogous types but with 2000 nodes.
G43 to G54 are again constructed using the same types.

Download links: .mc version, .bq version
Instance G_49
|V| 3000
|E| 6000
dim(Q) 3000
nz(Q>) 6000
nz(Diag(Q)) 3000
OSV n/a
Eigenvalues (min, max) -8.0, 2.29899e-15
Known correspondences -

Instance Visualisation

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Edge Weight Plot

A plot showing the frequency of edge weights, for a high-level overview of the edge weight distributions (click to enlarge).

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